SSH (mosh) to Raspberry Pi using iPad Pro over USB-C

November 2, 2019

I love my 11” iPad Pro. IMO, it’s the best device Apple’s ever made. With its USB-C port, now we can connect an iPad to a Raspberry Pi for a fully immersive Linux development environment. This article will document the process of setting things up.

Setup Raspbian with SSH and Ethernet over USB

Connect Pi to the iPad

Now you can connect the Pi to your iPad Pro using USB-C to micro USB cable, or using a dongle. The Pi draws power and connects to the iPad using a single cable 💯.

The first boot is going to take a couple minutes since the Pi needs to expand its file system. After that, you should be able to SSH to the Pi under raspberrypi.local

If you don’t know what SSH client to use on iOS, I highly recommend Blink.

Raspberry Pi tethered iPad

Voila! Now that you have a shell, you can do anything :).

Setup mosh and tmux

Now that we’ve got SSH up and running, it’s always a good idea to add mosh and tmux to the stack. I won’t go into details on how to set them up since there are plenty of good resources on the Internet for it. But the ability to connect the iPad to a Pi and resume your work session feels magical 🧙‍♂️.