Daily Coding Problem Final

August 21, 2019

Writing a blog post for each daily coding problem is getting tedious 😂. Thus, I’ll put all my notes and thoughts on it here. All of my solutions can be found on https://github.com/khoi/daily-coding-problem-in-go

Day 10 - Job Scheduler

With Go routine, this problem is kinda too ez.

Day 11 - Auto complete

I built a simple Trie for it. This could be improved with a prefix tree, where nodes that don’t have any siblings and children can be combine to its parent.

Day 14 - Pi estimation with Monte Carlo

Pi Estimation

I failed to “parallelize” the algorithm using Go routine. I might revisit this in the future.

Day 16 - Order Log with Circular List

Learnt that Go has container/ring data structure built in.